If a doula were a drug,
it would be unethical not to use it.

                              –Dr. John Kennell

What is a doula?

doula is a trained professional who provides ongoing physical, emotional + informational support to pregnant people, their partners and families before, during + after childbirth to help achieve the most satisfying + positive experience possible, regardless of desired birth plan.

Who needs a doula?


Regardless of your birth preferences, everyone should have additional support during this sacred time of transition.

Ariel Marie, Birth Doula

Ariel Marie is a DONA-trained birth doula based in New York City. Growing up in a large tight-knit family, she has always been surrounded with pregnant bellies and tiny humans which has greatly informed her profound passion for sexual and reproductive health research, and advocacy. Through birth work, she seeks to continue to empower and encourage all folks, in all ways.

Interested in having a doula


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Based in NYC!

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