“Ariel was knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring. She had great ideas — both practical and philosophical — about how to support both partners during the birth process, and was comfortable asserting those ideas at the right moments. As she says, her entire focus is about “creating space” for the laboring person and their partner to make personal decisions, and have the experience that they want to have, even in the face of possible pressures from the medical professionals involved — and she really made that happen for us. She encouraged us to ask questions, asked important questions herself, and guided us through the whole process […]

Not to mention, she was also super fun to be around — she’s an easy laugher — and made the entire labor experience more light-hearted and relaxed. We loved having her with us, and feel very lucky to have found her!”

– Lauren Z.

” Words can’t describe how amazing and beneficial my experience with Ariel was. Having her for assist my husband and I during our delivery made all the difference.

Ariel was able to bring a calming nurturing environment into the delivery room that helped me find a place of comfort in the purposeful pain I was feeling and to connect with the moment. But most importantly, I loved that Ariel was able to involve my husband in the process of giving me comfort during the delivery by guiding him on specific massage points and methods. This made the whole moment that much more special to us as partners and new parents. “

– Laura H.

” [It was a] very wonderful experience, she helped to keep me focused on my decisions when it came to doing what was best for me and my baby.

I would certainly recommend Ariel to a friend because she allows you the space to be open and forthcoming about your thoughts and sentiments on birth and it’s process. “

– Jelaini B.

” Ariel was as caring as she was knowledgeable. The delivery room is second nature to her, so much so that my nursing staff told me after the fact that I had an excellent doula.

Ariel was extremely intentional about making sure my husband and I were on the same page before labor ever began, about what support looked like for each of us. Her emotional intelligence definitely set us up for a good experience. In the delivery room, Ariel managed to be both gentle and persistent, helping me stay on track with strategies to keep me comfortable and focused. We were so glad to have her on our team!”

– Maryanne M.


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