My First Doula Training Experience

As featured on Debra Pascali Bonaro’s website: Ever have a song stuck in your head? And that one line keeps repeating over, and over….and over again. And no matter how hard you try fight it, it seems like your inner DJhas a glitch. Well sometimes fear can feel like that, a repeating song of … Continue reading My First Doula Training Experience

Las Comadronas (the midwives)

Here is a snippet of a journal entry from my time in Guatemala, during a visit to a midwife clinic… Today’s Thoughts: Day 168 (Day 7 in Guatemala) June 17, 2017 Today we went traveled to the town called Concepcion Chiqirichappa which was about a 30-40 minute drive from Xela. That town also has a … Continue reading Las Comadronas (the midwives)