Growing up in a large family and as the eldest of my generation, I was surrounded by pregnant bellies and babies from a young age. I even remember attending a childbirth education class (go figure!).

Who knew that this early exposure to natural occurrence of birth would blossom into me becoming a doula.

I initially aspired to be an OB/GYN and through that journey, I discovered my love for research while working in adolescent sexual health. Since then, I have continued my work in sexual, reproductive and maternal health research. This has greatly informed my use of evidence based information in birth.

During some time spent in Guatemala, something clicked! While visiting a midwife clinic, one of the comadronas said “You don’t choose birth work, it chooses you.” I can’t help but believe that I, too, have been chosen to do this work.

“You don’t choose birth work, it chooses you.”

My goal as a doula is to create a container, a space where you feel seen and heard. Birth is such a sacred time and it would be an honor to be a part of your birth experience!


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